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    Are you an installer, community project, or anyone else with an interest in promoting heat pumps?

    We're now offering the opportunity to tailor our heat pump test drive service to help promote your business or project. You can provide the test drive experience and guide interested users directly back to you. If you are looking for a new way to get people interested in heat pumps, check out our Heat Pump Test Drive pro plans.

  • Here are some of the organisations already using a bespoke heat pump test drive

    • Amacan Limited: providing impartial guidance and advice to SMEs and homeowners starting to make the journey from using fossil fuel energy systems to renewable energy systems.
    • Green Heat Coop: offering a local and personalised approach to support Herts and Cambs householders transition away from fossil-fuels to high efficiency, low carbon, high comfort home heating systems.
    • Heat Pump Federation: lobbying government for long term policy supporting the electrification of heating and cooling, while also raising public awareness.
    • Loco Home Retrofit: helping people in Glasgow access better eco home improvement more easily.
    • RetrofitWorks: helping to coordinate low-energy retrofits.
    • Transition Bath: making Bath and surrounding areas more environmentally sustainable, through community projects.
  • Are you a manufacturer? We also now offer real:pumps pages for you to showcase your projects. Please email mike@pumpchic.com to discuss.